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Alibaba All Set To Recruit For Its Europe Offices

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Alibaba will be making at least two recruitment, country chiefs, for its offices in France and Germany.

Alibaba Group Holding vowed to the investors and shareholders that it will finish the year of 2015 on a high. The company performed quite well in the market throughout this year and hopes to start the next year on a high as well. For that matter, the company is in attempt to bolster its international market presence as it decides to open offices in France and Germany. The company has no close competitor in the industry in its mainland China and it seeks to dominate the international market as well. However, no luck has favored the tech giant so far.

The Chinese tech giant announced that it will be making several big new recruitments in the coming days. The hiring would be done for its offices in Europe in order to strengthen its future growth prospects. It is believed that Alibaba Group is looking to recruit two country chiefs for its offices in France and Germany respectively. But Forbes states that this move is more of a Chinese story than a global expansion tale which many investors are waiting for.

It is known that Alibaba has little or no presence in the international market as the e-commerce giant. It is dominating the domestic market for a long time now but really wants to tap the US market as well. Its domestic competitor might act as a catalyst in the international expansion of Alibaba as is the Chinese Amazon and the American online retailer backs Alibaba rival as well.

Currently, the online retailer is focused on how the new offices in Europe will help the small and medium level merchants in those regions to make their name in China. As Forbes report, “That’s part of a broader trend that has seen Alibaba, archrival and global names like Amazon and Wal-Mart try to offer more global brands to increasingly affluent Chinese consumers who are willing to pay more for these trusted names.”

This is a smart move from the company as the expansion would not only see international market expansion but would assist in increasing the demand of Chinese consumers as well for imported goods. China is also focused to increase the demand of imports in order to revive its dying economy. It is believed that the country’s economy is growing at its slowest pace since 2009 and it would not only affect the country but big name companies like Alibaba and Tencent Holdings etc.

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