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Alphabet Fiber Business Plans To Launch Its Fastest Internet Service in L.A and Chicago

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The world most used search engine is planning on distributing its fastest internet service in two of the largest cities in the U.S.

After making Google, Inc. the world’s most popular search engine, Alphabet, Inc. is working on making connectivity across the United States independent and easily accessible through fastest internet service of fiber business. The search engine giant company’s decision Google Fiber announced on Tuesday that it is planning on launching its services in Chicago and Los Angeles as they are the second and third largest cities in the country.

The Director of expansion efforts of Google Fiber, Jill Szuchmacher stated that they cannot promise whether they will come to these Los Angeles and Chicago as yet but this is going to one big step for the company, the cities along with their leaders. According to the blog post, the Director also added that for a company of such a nature is considered a very huge expansion and requires huge undertaking.

Presently, the fastest internet service by Alphabet, Inc. is available in over 20 cities; continuing to build infrastructure and network for the service in cities including Atlanta and Austin. The area in which the service is being provided currently contains 5% of the population along with have at least 10 largest cities in terms of the citizens.

Earlier in 2015, Google turned itself into a holding company by the name of Alphabet Inc., mainly because it wanted to create more opportunities and bring my innovative ideas to the table along with investing in worthwhile projects. For the accountability of these projects, they each can have their own financial performances and statements and become an entity of their own. Due to these reason the holding company have been focusing on aggressive expansion strategies.

Blair Levin, an ex-Federal Communications Commission employee who has worked on the broadband services of the commission for a number of years, stated that the fiber division of the holding company is showing signs of greater aggressiveness and with this pace it will soon have to become a separate entity without the support and back of the parent company. Ultimately to achieve that the Fiber sector will need to make its presence in the major cities of the country.

Despite the effort the company is putting into the growth of the Fiber Business, it has proved to be quite an expensive project as they are required to dig up roads in order to bury fiber-optic wires in the ground and then get good marketers to attract customers. According to the plans of the tech company, it is expected to work with the leaders of L.A and Chicago and furthermore collect the relevant data regarding the infrastructure and topography.

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