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Boeing KC-46 Tanker Passes Jet Fuel Tests

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Boeing tanker KC-46 has managed to pass refueling mid-air tests to F-16 jet fighter on Sunday.

Boeing Corporation’s products undergo tests before its commercialization. Good news for the aviation giant, tanker KC-46 passed the midair refueling tests to F-16 fighter plane, completing its air-to-air refueling test.

Boeing Co. KC-46 completed the refueling test on January 24, which will now be witnessed being used by the United States Air Force. This successful test shows the hard work the business had to put in the construction of this tanker. The product passed almost 1600 pounds of jet fuel to F-16 jet fighter, which was, at that time being, piloted by Lt. Col. Daniel Alix and Edwards AFB, Calif.

This tanker is mainly constructed for the use of the US Air Force and other countries for mostly warfare. The aerospace company KC-46 development started in 2013 on the June 28, and later in December 28, 2014, it passed flights tests. It did not have any refueling equipment at that time, the air-to-air refueling tests started in November, and now the tanker has successfully passed.

The KC-46 has cockpit displays from the aerospace giant’s 787 and a better version of the KC-10’s refueling boom. It has features such as night vision, plug and play consoles, and other enhanced technologies. Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines provide power, PW4062, providing 63,500 pounds of thrust, each engine.

The tanker can also be expected to be purchased by Boeing for refueling but it is mostly expected to be purchased and preferred by military. It can contain almost 115 passengers; however, 58 are standard.

Boeing claims KC-46 can manage to carry 212,000 pound of jet fuel, which is 10% more in comparison to the company’s KC-135. It can carry 65,000 pounds of cargo and can carry 415,000 pounds of weight during its takeoff. It can provide fuel to three types of airplane at the same time, which helps to save time. When it comes to safety, the tanker has in installation that can protect it from heat seeking missiles and even a radar warning.

KC-46 is computer assisted, which give an enhanced tech to Air Force for refueling its fighter planes at ease. Another product of the company will be undergoing similar tests that refuel a different type of jet, C-17. For Boeing, it still has one test to go for its KC-46, which now should prove that it could receive fuel midair from the older KC-10 tankers. It has to prove that it can provide fuel to all of the six of military jets, and can than start the production, which is said to be in April this year. 


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