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British Users Disgruntled With Netflix

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Netflix offers fewer titles at more price to UK subscribers when compared to the US subscribers.

Netflix Inc. is operational in 190 countries and has nearly 75 million members. From United States to United Kingdom, and UAE to Asia, the company offers its entertainment services to almost all parts of the world. However, entertainment offerings of the company are not same for all the regions, which have caused issues between the subscribers and Netflix.

The subscribers living in countries apart from United States feel that the content available for them to stream is not good enough. It is known that the US content library is far superior to all other regions.

The US library has three times more content when compared to the UK library and ten times more content when compared to the libraries of all new regions. The Sun planned to do an investigation in which it found that the UK streaming subscribers have to pay £7.49 to get access to a library, which has almost 3,000 online movies and TV shows~. On the other hand, American subscribers spend £7.05 for a choice of more than 5,600 movies and TV shows.

International subscribers are not satisfied with the way Netflix adds content, but the streaming service provider claims that it is moving as quickly as it can to provide the same service in all 190 countries where it is operational.

This is one of the main reasons for the international subscribers to use VPN services to access the US library. This has been going on for a while, but Netflix is now finally taking action against such users and banning them from the platform. It is not the company’s fault that it offers different catalogues to its customers. It is how the international content licensing works. Due to this, it has set up different catalogues of movies and shows in every country.

The trend of accessing Netflix’s services using a VPN was increasing so that one can automatically get new titles and the titles that are not available in a certain region. After the crackdown operation, it is not possible. If a user is still trying to use the service through VPN, he will be directed to a black screen with a message saying, “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

This cat and mouse game is not over yet. The streaming company has recently started the crackdown operation and managed to get a few big VPN service names on its black list. However, it has not blocked all of them yet. The blocked services came forward to say that Netflix may have won for the time being but they will return with a better proxy to bypass its servers.


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