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Chinese Shoppers Love Alibaba Tmall Affiliation With American Partners

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Online shoppers in China loves Tmall due to Alibaba's partnership with American partners.

Alibaba Group Holding is trying to tap in the US tech market somehow for a long time. It also wants foreign business owners to do business on its online marketplaces, such as, Tmall, and Taobao Marketplace. The company is currently working to make it happen by introducing many foreign businesses, mostly from the United States, on its platform during the Singles’ Day event, but it seeks to increase the number every now and then.

The online retailer easily rules the domestic market and looks for ways to bolster international presence. Speaking about domestic domination of Alibaba Group, it is a fact that Chinese people love American food. One of the company’s popular online marketplaces is Tmall, which is very common across the globe as well. The company is constantly trying to boost its sale by bringing in and selling US products on its Tmall website.

Fortune reported, “Analysts believe the Hangzhou-based company could boost its revenue by 15% or more by connecting the rapidly expanding Chinese middle class, who are curious about American products, with U.S. brands.”

It is believed that the online retailer has already collaborated with several American dealers and business owners that sell their goods and items on Tmall. However, sources suggest that both parties never reveal the number of sales in dollars.

It seems like Chinese shoppers on Tmall are most interested in American food. ‘High-profile controversies involving contaminated food in China have given foreign brands even more cachet there,’ which is the reason not only American food is the demand of Chinese online shoppers but foreign cosmetics and personal hygiene products are popular as well.

Fortune reported a list of the top selling US goods and items on Tmall, which included mixed nuts as well. The platform signed a deal with Costco, which decided to sell food through it. The very first product of Costco was mixed nuts that became one of the most demanded items by online shoppers in China. On 2014’s Singles’ Day, Alibaba sold nearly 3 tons of Costco’s special mixed nuts through its platform. Initially it started with 3 tons in one year, which now has risen up to 245 tons of mixed nuts in 2015.

Other top selling US products include Huggies diapers, Breyers ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, cherries, and apples. Alibaba looks forward to further improve its partnership with foreign partners in the near future. 


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