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Ford To Integrate Amazon Echo Technology

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Soon users will be allowed to start their cars by just giving a command to Amazon Echo.

Amazon Inc. is currently leading the e-commerce market of the United States. The online retailer is not only dominating the online shopping domain but it is trying to lead and sustain its other businesses as well in which it has expanded. The company’s cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services, is one of the best cloud service provider in the country. Apart from this, it personal voice assistant is getting immense traction as well lately from consumers as the e-commerce behemoth beefs up its artificial intelligence domain.

Amazon’s Echo is one of the top selling devices of the company since its launch. The device was available for purchase for Amazon Prime members. As the company is improving its AI domain, Echo is expected to do much more than it initially could do.

According to sources, it is believed that a user can now easily start his/her car using Amazon personal voice assistant Echo. Time reported that the company is working along with one of the automotive giants, Ford, to integrate such technology. Ford Motors announced that it is working on a technology that will allow its car’s infotainment system Sync to be easily compatible with Echo. This suggests that a user can demand for performing such tasks which include starting of car from the couch or bedroom. Amazon’s Echo work through a speaker and a small microphone type is fixed in the device for the user to communicate.

Ford added that a user can tell Echo to start the car at a particular time or even he/she could set a desired internal temperature that could be beneficial for winter seasons. Time reported, “Ford plans to make it easier to keep track of your car’s status long before you’re ready to walk out the door, too. In addition to starting the car using the Echo, you’ll also be able to lock or unlock your vehicle, check its fuel level, learn its charge status if it’s an electric vehicle, and find out the car’s mileage summary.”

This can be said as Amazon’s first major step in which it will be integrating its services into automobiles. This move comes almost after a year as Apple and Google launched Car Play and Android Auto to interconnect car platforms. Both of these services let users to access Siri or Google Now respectively through dashboard in order to make tasks easier such as making or receiving phone calls, turning music on or off, and access the GPS system.

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