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Good News For Netflix, T-Mobile Offers Free Video Streaming

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Netflix is going to benefit from T-Mobile's free data to its users.

Netflix reaches another platform to supply its high quality content in the easiest and most convenient way possible. T-Mobile, a mobile communications company, recently introduced free mobile data to its customers so that they can stream videos at better speed with convenience from major video streaming platforms.

Netflix Inc., Hulu, HBO, and many other video providers online are going to be the major sources that users will avail through free mobile data. This announcement of free streaming services was made on Tuesday so that customers do not have to pay extra charges for the data they utilize.

The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, announced the plan ‘Binge On’ in USA, Los Angeles, stating, “Watch what you want without watching your data.” According to Reuters, he also explained how customers demand reliable videos and due to the lack of free data for video streaming, customers have to watch those desired videos in lower quality with the hope of saving their mobile data.

The CEO also mentioned the rivals of the company who are now charging users more for video streaming so that they can achieve more profit and boost their growths. This is not new because the quantity of customers watches online videos that helps mobile carriers to generate a good amount of profit and has been their focus since a long time now.

Netflix is not going to get any extra money from T-Mobile itself, but the company will receive more views from its subscribers of content on its platform because of this development by T-Mobile as online movies and the subscribers can watch Netflix TV shows with convenience on smartphones. This will attract more users for the company as well.

This offering of free data for the global online video provider by T-Mobile will start on November 15. The company is already cutting on its ads so that customer satisfaction can reach optimal level. It already gets profit from monthly subscriptions and thus, does not need much through ad generation.

Users prefer watching content in peace and without pauses. Therefore, T-Mobile’s free data plan and lesser ads on the streaming platform will attract new subscribers and will help the company to grow worldwide, which it has made its strategy. It will have more sources through which users will be able to watch its content whenever they want and where ever they want.

Netflix stock is running at $112.96 currently (November 11).


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