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Mass Production Of DDR4 DRAM Begins At Samsung

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The tech giant has started the production of DDR4 DRAM chips at a massive scale for pcs and hybrids.

Samsung Electronics Corporation Limited is producing DDR4 DRAM memory chips on massive scale that will be installed in hybrids and laptops in the coming years. The South Korean tech company is manufacturing these chips at a 10-nanometer class process, which is a process tech designed to manufacture chips for electronic devices including smartphones, tablets and computers.

The Galaxy maker is aware of the fact that the size of these chips is of high significance, as the smaller the chip the easier it becomes to place it in any area. The area where the chip is placed affects the switching speed, that is, it consumes less energy and gives higher performance.

The newer model of these chips gives speed of up to 3,200 MHz while the previous version was capable of only giving 2,400 MHz. The DDR4 DRAM chips give storage of 4GB, using lesser power from the electronics. The modules are going to be available within this year, however Samsung has not yet revealed the exact time. The maker of mobile phones has plans to use these new chips in its smartphones, which might not be a problem for this tech giant as it has used its own exynos chips in the past.

The tech giant’s 8GB DDR4-3200 chips have several changes and updates to these 10nm class devices. Argon fluoride immersion lithography was used in the production of these devices with a pattern process. The cost of these chips is expected to be higher than the preceding ones as the manufacturing cost is higher too. More of these models might be seen in laptops too and not just in smartphones because of the performance it promises to offer.

The South Korean company recently reported its first quarter earnings for this year, which were better than it had hoped in terms of profit. It reported high sales of its new phone, the Galaxy S7. This result has made the shareholders happier in comparison to last year, when the company reported a loss of $8.0 billion per market value because of the tough competition it faced from major rivals including Apple and other Chinese competitors.

Thankfully, Samsung recently released Galaxy S7 helped it get the right amount of sales and profits. This was mainly because of the timing of its release, which was earlier than its competitors were.

Samsung has no plans of staying behind this year from production to the development of new and innovative gadgets including the smart windshield, smart suit and even smart contact lenses.


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