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Samsung Is Still Russia Preferable Brand, The President Indicates Major Changes Are To Come

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Samsung is ranked first again through an online survey by OMI, the president of the electronics company has indicated that changes are expected in the future.

Samsung has had a strong presence in Russia for the past five year, and has yet again been ranked as the first preferable and most like brand in the country according to survey conducted online by OMI market research on December 6. The company has also made some restructuring with the senior executive, replacing JK Shin with Dong-Jin Ko as the head of the company, the new head has indicated that there will be some major changes made to the electronics companies next year and it might turn to be difficult year.

The Galaxy maker was ranked as the first most favorite brand of Russia through a revelation by an online survey, which was conducted in various cities that consisted of more than 1 million people but only 1500 citizens answered. Samsung was the choice made by almost 20.1% of the citizens that responded, 9.5% were in favor of Apple, 9.6% said Sony, 8% chose Nike, and finally 8.5% chose Adidas. The giant electronics distributor and manufacturer has maintained being at the top of the list for 9 years straight in a row.

Samsung is known for the manufacturing of the best smartphones around the globe, and has made it in the mobile section at preference of 31.2%, ranked at the top for three years. It has been ranked on fifth number in other segments such as TV, DVD and other electronics. It has participated in numerous social activities in Russia such as the program called Education for Everyone.

The company has recently made changes in the senior’s executives post by replacing JK shin with Dong-Jin Ko as the head, who informed the public that there will be changes next year to it and the year might be difficult for it. 

This development was made right after Dong-Jin attended a meeting with leaders of the organization’s group. The changes being taken into consideration by the company are also because it has been facing difficulties and tough competition since the past years. It recently lost the Chinese market to Xaomi and Huawei.

There have been rumors that business might not make design changes a major focus but will aim on improving the software, such as internal upgrades, camera changes, memory and so on in its upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. S7 might consist of an SD card support again which it decided to remove making some of its customers unhappy with the change, which might be one of the reasons the company has decided to bring the option back.

Samsung stock closed at $1, 1 00.00 on November 5.


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