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Walmart Makes Another Addition To Its Stores Services Mobile Payments

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Walmart is launching mobile payments facility in its stores now through customers smartphones.

USA’s giant retail chain is going to be giving its users yet another facility which will be available in its stores. The facility will allow shoppers to make payments of the items they have purchased conveniently through their smartphones; the retail chain is going to become a competition for Apple and many other companies who recently came into the business of mobile payments services.

Walmart stores payment service is going to be called Walmart Pay, just like Samsung Pay App, enabling the customers to make payments for the purchased products by the use of their smartphones easily; this service is  going to be launched in majority of the stores in the company’s hometown, Arkansas. All the other 5,000 stores in USA, will have this facility by first half of next year, as announced by the company on Wednesday.

The application of the company already exists; all they have to do is add these services on its application in order to make it work. The application will have the customer’s account, consisting of gift cards and other data. The retail chain will have huge competition from many companies including Samsung, Apple, Alphabet Inc. and many others in the business of mobile payments; on top of that the company is the first retail chain that is stepping into to market of mobile payments service.

The customers of the retail chain will able to make payments through something they never forget at their home when going out. They will no longer have the need to carry their cash, credit and debit cards with them for purchasing items. However the company has announced that it is launching this amazing facility in its Walmart stores, there is no one telling when exactly it will be in full operation as the company has been slow at starting new services in the past. The company already has 22 million active users on its application currently; the payment service has zero chances of failing once it gets operational.

The service is expected to be in the stores in the United States by the mid of 2016, the company currently does not accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay facilities. Walmart Pay is going to be what customer will use; it is more like a solution for users who prefer mobile payments. The senior vice president of the company, Daniel Eckert said, “We needed a solution that offered mobile payment access to as many of our customers as possible.” No specific dates have been given by the senior management of the retail chain as to when the service is going to be available everywhere.

Walmart stock closed at $59.13, going red by -0.48 on December 9.



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