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Yahoo Finally Rolls Out Gmail Compatibility

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Yahoo launches its application update with Gmail compatibility and other features.

Yahoo Inc. is going through the roughest patch in its history in the tech industry. The company is still unsure about its future. Several rumors have been speculated in the past days regarding company’s core business and its stakes in Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan but no solid conclusion have been derived up till now. Regardless of all of this, the internet company has introduced a few features of which its much-awaited Gmail compatibility is under the spotlight. This has given it a major boost in the market.

According to sources, the internet company has given itself a major boost as it owns and operates the best email service platform. After a long wait, Yahoo has come up with Gmail’s much-awaited upgrade that could further increase its rank in the list. The newly updated feature allows maximum compatibility of the email service application, which is launched to compete against the likes of Google’s Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook, and Cloud Magic.

Yahoo previously launched its own Yahoo Mail application in October, which many users did not like, as it added a new and innovative feature of no password system. A source stated that ‘it comprised of a conspicuous omission, namely the exclusion of Google's Gmail and the 900 million users that accompanies it.”

The company wrote on its official Tumblr page, “All the features you need and love in Yahoo Mail – powerful search, smart contacts, rich compose features and Yahoo Account Key for password-free sign-in – are now available with Gmail. Here’s your path to a more convenient, powerful and personal email experience.” The latest update is available for both Android and iOS users.

It is believed that an update was in the waiting line for nearly two months, which has now resulted in incorporating the IMAP support of Gmail in Yahoo’s email service application. Such is not heard from Yahoo’s end as of yet. Apart from the Gmail compatibility, the newly updated app will be allowing its users to search for mails from the entire mailing history and the search criteria will not be limited to recent mails only.

The company has also introduced different and distinct interface for every mail application. Analysts believe that its latest update can prove to be the game changer for Yahoo in the email space and can further result in improving the adoption rate of its Mail service application. Thus, the company remains confident.


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