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Finally Good News For Walmart Workers Of Getting A Raise In 2016

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Walmart finally has made decision to raise wages of its employees in many cities by next year.

Walmart has finally made decision to set things right with its workforce. It already announced to give a raise to its employees but that was apparently not enough. Protests followed and the employees demanded more discounts on food items and wage raises. The retail chain has taken all of the demands into consideration and making a huge investment in different areas of USA in order to raise workforce’s wages.

Walmart stores Inc. is making an investment of $65.7 million to increase the salaries of 42,300 workers in Tennessee, while $87.4 million to 58,900 workers in Georgia. It is making an investment of $53 million for 34,500 of its employees situated in South Carolina, and a $16 million investment in Florida for 94,400 workers. Totaling all the expenditures, the company is planning to utilize around $2.7 billion on raise.

A new release from Walmart wholesale said regarding the investment made in Tennessee and Florida, “As part of this commitment, the company is investing more than $65.7 million resulting in 42,300 additional raises for associates in Tennessee. By February, the new full-time average hourly wage in Florida will be $13.51 an hour and $10.55 an hour for part-time associates.” This raise will be provided in February to the employees - $13.34 per hour for full-time worker and $10.48 for part-time workers, according to the giant retail chain.

This is not the only investment the organization is making, as it has also decided to invest $200 million in its e-commerce fulfillment center situated in Polk County. The center is expected to reach completion soon providing around 635 jobs, which will cost $42,087. A manager of one of Walmart stores, Tye Rather, said, “Pay raises are instrumented in attracting talent to provide better service in our stores, we are already seeing a payoff. Our customers are saying that we are providing a better shopping experience.”

This is not statistically the first time when company is raising wages. It has done so many times within this year, with the hope of achieving better output from the workers and leading to better customer satisfaction. The company has informed that this is proving to be beneficial as workers are happy again and customers are giving better experience scores. The retailer has opened ten new stores in Tennessee just this year; raising wages is a good call.  

Walmart stock closed at $59.67, after going red by 1.19% on December 15.



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