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Walmart Launches OneOps Using Cloud Conveniently Than Ever

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Walmart purchased and launched OneOps in GitHub, making the usage of cloud services as easy as possible.

Walmart apparently does not consider boundaries when it comes to expanding its business and offering to its customers. It has launched software, OneOp, which it purchased in 2013. This software was developed by Walmart Labs and enabled developers to write and modify their applications quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Walmart Stores Inc. made the announcement of launching the service in 2015 and doing so now. It hopes that by doing so, it will be able to provide its customers with a cost-effective, extraordinary application for the overloaded cloud services. The retail chain is pushing its boundaries. It is not a cloud-providing business but a user of the service; however, that has not stopped the company from making a few changes in how the service is used by the customers and developers.

For a business such as Walmart Wholesale, it is highly unusual to launch a feature of such category. The CTO, Jeremy King, and VP of WalmartLabs, Tim Kimmet, agrees. They both consider this an unusual move and even further open it for the community for improvement and new ways for adapting to technology of today. Tim Kimmet informed in an announcement to contribute in the manufacturing of many innovative features earlier such as the Mupd8 and hapi and making them available for the customers.

This recent service was initially founded and developed in 2011, but Walmart Stores bought it in 2013, and three thousand engineers use it within the company for the building and developing new product and services. Huge online platforms of the retail chain are even managed by OneOp, which indicates the efficiency of the service. Engineers in the organization, who use it, claim to make almost 30,000 changes each month on and Sam’s Clubs online platform.

OneOp is compatible with numerous cloud platform, either public or private such as Rackspace, AWS and many others. This services gives unimaginable control to developers instead of cloud providers who guide users about the tools and tech of the service. It has monitoring features, with undo and redo options if operations don’t go as planned, even the size can be changed through to auto scaling tool on OneOp. 

GitHub’s VP of product management, Kakul Srivastava, appreciates the company for making such a move looking forward to it; he also said that it feels great to witness a retail business switch to software business instead. This can result in more profitability.


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